Split PDF Into Pages

How to Convert a PDF to a Single Page

Split PDF Into Pages: If you have a PDF document and wish to divide it into individual pages to use them individually, you can use Icecream PDF Split&Merge’s equivalent option. It will make it easier for you to manage your PDF document, such as applying new editing features without having to change the entire document.

Despite the fact that the application is quite easy and intuitive, you should read the entire instructions before beginning the real splitting to prevent making some typical mistakes. That’s how you make a single PDF file out of a PDF.

1: Start by downloading and installing the application.

To begin, go to this website and download Icecream PDF Split&Merge by clicking the “Download” button and running the installation file. In less than a minute, the installation wizard will guide you through the process. To begin working, open the software.

2: Select “Split” mode from the drop-down menu.

In the main window, select the “Split” option. Simply click the “Split” tab in the upper left corner if you are currently in the “Merge” menu.

Split PDF Into Pages

3: Insert the PDF file

To open your computer’s explorer and choose the required PDF file from your hard drive, click the “Add file” icon. Drag and drop the file into the preview zone if you choose.

Split PDF Into Pages add

4: Make sure the file is ready to go.

If your file has a password, click “Enter Password” and type the password in the recommended form. It’s impossible to split password-protected PDFs without supplying a valid password.

You can preview your document in the selected file location or delete it if you change your mind (remember that this does not permanently remove the file from your PC). It simply vanishes from the software preview zone). In the same location, the number of pages will be presented. The total number of pages in your scenario is equal to the number of output files.

Split PDF Into Pages file

5: Choose from a variety of types

Select the “Split into files of 1 page” mode in the settings box to split a document into single pages. Simply check the box and you’re done. This mode does not necessitate any further settings.

Split PDF Into Pages type

6: Choose a destination for the output.

  • a subfolder If you select this option, a new folder named “split filename” will appear in the same location as your original document.
  • This is the original folder. The program will save the output files in the same folder as the source file, rather than putting them in a subfolder.
  • Choose a folder. Any folder on your computer can be specified, and your output files will be saved there.

Split PDF Into Pages select location

7: Begin splitting PDFs

Make sure that all of the parameters are right before pressing the “Split” button. Splitting time varies depending on the size of the document, but it normally takes no more than a few seconds.

When it’s finished, a popup window will appear, displaying the number of output files and offering to open them in a folder. After that, you can either exit the program or go back to your previous task.

The new split files would have the following names: filename pN, where N is the number of the page from the split document, making further work with them extremely simple.


Splitting PDF Into Pages

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