How to Split PDF File

How to Split PDF File into Two or More Files? Even while PDFs are ideal for presenting and archiving big documents, there will be instances when you need to break them up into smaller pieces. This is a practical method for removing extraneous content, shrinking file sizes, and efficiently managing huge files.

With just a few basic options, PDF Converter Elite can easily split PDF pages from a single file into smaller ones.

Split PDF to pages

With PDF Converter Elite, you can split a PDF file.

1: Select a PDF file from your computer by clicking the Open icon.
2: Click the Edit button, and the right-hand sidebar will display.
3: Click the Split PDF File button on that sidebar.
4: Fill in the numbers for the first and last pages to be split. Type the same page number if you only want to split one page.
5: After you click the Split button, you’ll be prompted to save the extracted file. Select the desired location and save it. The original file will not be altered.

how to split pdf file convert

Simply repeat the process with the original PDF if you wish to split a PDF into more than two pieces.

In half the PDF pages

Repeat the steps above to split your PDF file in two. Open a PDF file and select Split PDF File from the Edit menu. Make sure you put the beginning page and the page that will split your PDF in half in the sections where you must select page numbers.

When you click the Split button, you’ll only get the first half of the PDF, but you’ll keep the original PDF file. Follow the same steps to extract the other half of your PDF, but at the end, select the first page of the second half of your file and the last page of your PDF.

Without having to send an email, you may split a PDF online for free.

If you’d rather work with online tools or can’t afford PDF Converter Elite 5, you can use our Split PDF tool for free. There is no need to register with an email address, and the files you upload are automatically erased from the server computers after 24 hours. The application is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and all mobile browsers.

The Split PDF tool is simple to use and extremely useful when you need to:

  • Get pages out of a PDF
  • Break down a large PDF file into smaller pieces
  • Divide a file into only one page
  • Halve the PDF document

The following is how it works:

  • You can split a PDF by uploading it. You can also use your Google Drive or Dropbox account to import the file.
  • Page numbers should be separated by commas. See the formatting example for further information (1,3,4,6,7) *
  • Select “Split” from the drop-down menu.
  • When the splitting is finished, you’ll notice a number of “Download divided file” buttons appear.

How is the file divided?

For example, if your document has 50 pages and you type pages 2,12,20, the following is how the document will be split:

Only the pages up to the first written number will be included in the first split file. These are pages 1 and 2 in this example.

The pages after the first typed number and until the second typed number will be in the second split file. Pages 3 through 12 will be included in this sample.

The pages after the last typed number until the conclusion of the document are contained in the last split file (from page 21 to 50).

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